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Online marketing can me many different things to many different people. Online marketing ties together the creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including design, development, advertising and sales.

Did you know that 91% of consumers look online before making purchasing decisions? That is why you need to be found where your customers are searching. Consumers have shifted to the internet as a primary resource for information. Internet users turn to search engines to find companies, products and services. To most consumers, your website is now that first critical impression of your business.


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SEO traffic accounts for anywhere between 65-85 percent of search engine traffic. This means more traffic is coming from refined searches and first page results. Prominent SEO rankings are valuable because these are the results that get the most clicks.

For brick-and-mortar businesses, optimizing for local search is becoming increasingly important to reinforcing your presence online. Google has been and will continue to place importance on local search so even if you don’t have a website, or your site is not ranking high, a Google Places listing can generate more business.

If your content isn't optimized, you're losing out on a lot of traffic! Having a solid SEO content development strategy is the cornerstone of any successful website. Quality web content creation should be based on in-depth research and written for genuine engagement. Local Mantra believes that Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important long term investment for any business. This is true for both B2B and B2C businesses. SEO is the most effective way to drive visitors to your website at the lowest long term cost is to build your website’s organic search engine ranking. SEO is an effective tool for improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website. Visitors are more likely to click on free organic listings than on paid listings.

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