Custom Twitter Pages

Custom Twitter pages and backgrounds

Originally Twitter only served as a microblogging site. Users could post 140 character status updates to let their friends, family and co-workers know what they were up to. In the last two years Twitter has exploded into a powerful platform for sharing information with followers and consumers

With real-time conversations happening continuously on Twitter there is no gap between company and consumer. With so many users spanning countless demographics, it's safe to assume that members of every company's target audiences are in some way interacting on Twitter. Current and potential customers are sharing honest feedback on a public platform, every minute of every day. There's no reason companies shouldn't tap into this amazing sharing technology.

Our Twitter marketing services are customized to fit your companies budget and objectives. Local Mantra can help create professional Twitter marketing campaigns, help monitor progress and ROI, as well as build and preserve a positive brand reputation.

Twitter marketing is valuable to your business because it allows for: What you get from Local Mantra's Twitter Account Service:
  • Extend customer service ability.
  • Added Exposure for your business
  • Catch problems early and quickly
  • Offer helpful links and headlines
  • Break through communication barriers with tweets
  • Boost your visibility on search engines
  • Create or update your Twitter Profile (Name, Bio, Website)
  • Custom Background Image
  • Link your Twitter to Facebook for easy status updates
  • Assist in networking page with existing website.
  • A Twitter feed on your website or blog
  • Targeted Followers

twitter management service

What you get:

•Up to (2) dailyTwitter posts
•Content research & production
•Basic profile management (spam/comment monitoring)
•Audience building techniques on both platforms
•Reputation monitoring on social platforms, plus on Google alerts & main review sites for industry.
•General marketing campaign/contest planning & consulting
This package is designed for a business that could benefit from having a full-time social media consultant and team behind them to answer all of their questions and strategize on their presence on a daily basis.

•Up to (6) Twitter posts per week
•Basic profile management (spam/comment monitoring)
•Audience building techniques on both platforms
•Reputation monitoring on social platforms
This package is designed for a business that can benefit from having a part-time social media consultant help them with their presence, but has a designated internal employee who will research and create their own content on a daily basis.

•Up to (3) Twitter posts per week.
•Audience & relationship building techniques
•Basic profile management (spam/comment monitoring)
This package is designed for a business who doesn’t really require any consulting. This is for a business who feels they have their social strategies in place, but just doesn’t have the time to post, remove spam, and communicate back with their followers.

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